Rules And Regulations 2017

The race distances provided are two : 

Half Distance (Individual and Relay Team ): 1,9 km Swim + 90 km Bike - 21,097 km Run

Sprint Distance : 750 m Swim + 20 km Bike + 5 Km Run.

Registering to the race, the athlete agrees that the rules and regulations are intended to assure a fair and regular execution of the race.

The race will follow the directives of the FITRI technical regulation (Italian Triathlon Federation) and Challenge Forte Village Sardinia.

All athletes, without distinction, must follow the rules and regulations, otherwise will be subject to disqualification, which will be at the discretion of the judges. The athletes will be allowed to finish the race and then avail oneself of a possible appeal, following the official procedure.

Fundamental principles of the event are fairness and respect for the rules. Its strictly prohibited to pursue personal advantage by breaking the rules. It's important that all athletes observe a proper code of conduct of the event, assuming a sporting and loyal attitude , also must have a polite attitude towards other athletes, judges, volunteers, doctors and organizers, as well as show respect for the environment and do not dispose of waste on the site of the event.



The registration to the individual race is personal and transfering to other athletes is not allowed.

Teams are allowed to transfer the registration from athlete to athlete ( substitution of one or more athletes).

Registration is open until the 22nd of October at 24:00. After that date we will not accept any other athlete and teams will be not allowed to any change about the relay.

In order to take part in the race , each athlete must be in possession of a regular registration to his own national triathlon federation . If it is not , he can avail of a daily pass (downloadable on the italian triathlon federation web site , and he has to have a specific triathlon medical certificate issued by a doctor practicing in the Italian territory. Without these credentials , it will not possible to take part in the race. The daily pass is permitted only to athletes who were not enrolled in some triathlon federation during 2016.

As for the teams , every relay athlete must be in possession of a specific triathlon medical certificate , it means that a medical certificate for swimming only or just cycling or just running is not accepted.


The race pack will be delivered at the Registration Area exclusively Saturday October 29th at the scheduled time.

Each athlete is responsible for the content that will be inside the race pack. In case of loss, the organization will not be responsible.

Participation in the pre-race briefing is mandatory

The  bike delivery (bike check-in) in the transition area will be carried out only Saturday October 29th, during the times indicated. Must be delivered by the holder of the athlete bib number and not by third parties, in accordance with the rules of the Italian Federation of Triathlon. There will be no exceptions to this rule.



Challenge Forte Village Sardinia reserves the right to change the program at any time in order to ensure the best possible conduct of the event. In this case, the athletes will be informed immediately.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, in order to ensure the safety of every athlete, the organization reserves the right to convert the race from  triathlon to duathlon. If this happens, due to force majeure, there will not be a refund of the fee to the race.

In case of withdrawing from the competition, the athlete shall promptly inform the judges.

Each athlete will be sure to expose your race number in a visible throughout the duration of the race, will also not be allowed to compete shirtless.

competing with communication devices or media entertainment such as mobile phones, mp3 players, radios, headphones, earphones etc is forbidden



Swim cap provided by the organization must be worn , making sure to keep the number on the side

Competitors may not wear more than swim cap, goggles, nose clips  or swimsuit (when allowed).

the use of any artificial means of propulsion, the use of gloves, socks, flotation devices of any kind and tools to facilitate the breath is forbidden

Turning before the boys is strictly forbidden.

The pre-race warm up must not obstruct any other race in progress.

The organization reserves the right to change the route of swimming competition, the distance or possibly cancel the race in case of bad weather conditions for the performance.


Running out of water by shortening the swim session or in different direction by those who follow the segments of conjunction between the buoys and the input zones from the water.


All athletes must be equipped with an approved helmet.

The drafting is not permitted during the half distance race, athletes have 15 seconds to pass another athlete and avoid penalties.

Helmet must be worn for the whole bike course.

Helmet must be fastened before removing the bicycle from the park and must not be unfastened until the bike is not park on the appropriate space.

Riding on the right side of the road is requested , overtaking is only allowed on the left.

Non è consentito usufruire di alcun aiuto esterno durante il percorso.

Receiving any help by supporters along the way is forbidden.

Competitors must observe  the directions of judges and police officers, as well as respect the highway code for the duration of the race

All bicycles must be subject to control at the time of check-in.

The organization reserves the right to change the route of the bike session or the distance of the route taking into account the weather conditions and the route.

Penalties for drafting, for dangerous riding or unfair conduct will be determined by the judges and will be granted in the penalty box located on the running course.

Near to the aid stations , there will be some areas dedicated to throw rubbish .
Throwing paper, plastic or other materials that may pollute outside of these areas is strictly prohibited.



Each athlete must display his number, bringing it clearly on the front.

Runners are expected to follow the rules of the judges and the public authorities.

Athletes must strictly follow traffic regulations , They must always keep to the right and leave the space to pass on the left.

Athletes must always remain within the lane, otherwise will be subject to penalties.

Getting help from people out of the race is strictly prohibited.

Athletes who voluntarily abandon the race, must notify the renounce to the nearest race judge.

The organization reserves the right to change the location and distance in case of unfavorable weather conditions.


The use of substances that alter its performance, reduce fatigue, or for any other purpose is prohibited. Anti-doping tests will be carried out.

Challenge Forte Village may decide at its discretion to test any athlete in order to ensure the perfect regularity of the race. In the event of a positive test , the athlete will be disqualified.


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